Microcontroller Mondays

This event is an open house style event for people interested in exploring microcontrollers such as the Arduino, Basic Stamp, and the Propeller. The event will be conducted voluntarily by members of the Hackitory who want to learn more about microcontrollers every Monday at 7:30pm until the last person leaves. This event will be conducted at our Hackitory workshop.

The activity is free and open to the public. The Fellowship Factory Makerspace’s equipment, meeting space and some consumables are made available to all participants. Other non-profit organizations and those pursuing charitable activities use the weekly meetup to learn more about microcontrollers and other electronic technology as well as network with those who have expertise and are willing to apply that expertise to relevant charitable work.

The activity’s primary aim is information exchange and mentorship on the science of microcontroller design and theory. Experts and those well-versed in the technology share information with each other and mentor those with little to no experience with the technology. Often, a potential hobbyist will bring a project they cannot complete to the event to seek advice and mentorship in completing the project and learning techniques and theory to complete more advanced projects or design new ones.

The activity’s secondary aim is to engage with microcontroller and related technology, discover new applications of the technology and test the limits and potentials of existing technology and theory in the field. The meeting space and utilities for the space will be funded by members, the equipment is primarily donated or paid through membership dues and donations. Those participating in mentorship and research activities do so as volunteers.